Thursday, 23 May 2013

Rise&Shine Raslakeview Indore

Rise&Shine Raslakeview Indore

Welcome to RAS

The RAS Group is a leading, Indore based, real estate 

development group, with refined experience in 

developing premium, superior, and ecologically-sound 

residential Villas, Row Houses, Flats & Plots.
RAS has created a team of professionals with in depth 

understanding of the global realty market and a 

“daring to be different “ approach while working on 

the simple management philosophy of localizing global 

expertise and establishing best practices in Real 


Our advanced construction technology, eco-awareness, 

and might we add, passion, brings you a very special 
project - delivered straight from the heart.
RAS projects are specially designed for people who 

crave for peace and security. The already developed 

landscaped and green spaces bring people close to 

nature. The projects offers beautifully designed 

living units of various sizes. Good ventilation, 

privacy for the family area and optimum utilization of 

space is a common feature of all units.
RAS projects would definitely take the living standard 

of people in Indore to the next level.


Huge Gate Island
80 ft. tall clock tower
Roman Architecture Poles in Main Entrance Island
Grand Mandir
Club House
Garden & Fountains
Swimming Pool
Play Zone
Connought Place Market Area
Marriage garden
Artificial Lake (back water of Sanjay Jalashayaa 

400acre lake)
Varsha Mishra(M Sc)
Rise&shine Properties&Builders 
17B,kalani nagar    
Aerodrame Road indore


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